Please review an important update (link) regarding COVID rules for all indoor shoots effective immediately.

MD Archery Association


Welcome to the Maryland Archery Association!

Welcome to, the official website of the Maryland Archery Association (MAA). We invite you to learn more about MAA and especially welcome you to visit or participate in any of our upcoming events. Our new site is evolving to better serve you!

MAA is the state affiliate of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA – Several of our local clubs are members of USA Archery (USAA - and MAA supports their activities and JOAD programs.

The MAA provides the basic organization for Maryland archery clubs whereas clubs come together through their Directors to set the rules and guidelines for State competitions and an organized statewide schedule of shoots. Currently with 13 clubs involved, there is an archery event, virtually every weekend to include Field, 3D, FITA, Indoor. Maryland has it all!


** Important Announcement Regarding Indoor Shoots **

  • All attending a shoot as an archer or spectator must have their temperature taken at the door
  • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 shall not be allowed inside the facility
  • The total number of archers and spectators shall not exceed 50% capacity of the facility
  • All archers and spectators must wear a mask except an archer may remove their mask at the shooting line for the act of shooting
  • Archers must replace their mask when the last arrow is shot and it shall remain on until the next end when cal led to the line
  • Archers shall occupy every other shooting lane
  • The total number of archers at the shooting line for each end shall not exceed one-half of the total number of shooting lanes otherwise available
  • Sanitizers shall be available to wipe all common areas. Each archer shall be responsible to wipe objects they use, including target keepers, and other contact areas they touch
  • Sanitizers shall be available for all bathroom entrances and exits
  • All archers and spectators shall maintain social distancing inside the facility
  • For added precaution, industrious members of your club may wish to fashion homemade wooden or PVC frames and tape or attach plastic sheeting to them to separate archers standing at the line

November 2020

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
1 MA Indoor 300 round 10am
8 VNB Indoor 300 round 10am
8 VNB MAA Fall Board Meeting 1:30pm
15 MA Indoor 300 round 10am
15 TPA Indoor Metric 600 Round 10am
22 TA Indoor 300 round 10am
20-22 VNB Indoor STAR USA Archery Tournament
Mid-Atlantic Sectional Shoot

December 2020

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
6 MA Indoor 300 round 10am
13 TPA Indoor 300 round 10am
13 MA Indoor 300 round & Holiday Party 10am
20 TA Indoor 300 round 10am