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Welcome to, the official website of the Maryland Archery Association (MAA). We invite you to learn more about MAA and especially welcome you to visit or participate in any of our upcoming events. Our new site is evolving to better serve you!

MAA is the state affiliate of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA – Several of our local clubs are members of USA Archery (USAA - and MAA supports their activities and JOAD programs.

The MAA provides the basic organization for Maryland archery clubs whereas clubs come together through their Directors to set the rules and guidelines for State competitions and an organized statewide schedule of shoots. Currently with 13 clubs involved, there is an archery event, virtually every weekend to include Field, 3D, FITA, Indoor. Maryland has it all!


** Message From Tournament Director **

Hello fellow archers and family. It’s to my dismay that our MAA State Metric Championship scheduled for January 29-31st 2021 will be POSTPONED until a later date to be determined due to the pandemic guidelines we must follow.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some shooters. However, we cannot risk the health of everyone for a tournament.

The reason too is that Tuscarora Archers venue isn’t able to accommodate shooters with the strict COVID-19 protocols reinstated by our governor. I have attempted to procure a place, but not successful at this time. Once a time and place has been established, everyone will be notified here on Facebook and or the MAA website.

Thank you for everyone’s understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please forward them to:

Raymon Hamzidkhan, MAA TD

July 2022

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
3 TA Firecracker S60 14 Field/14 Hunter - er 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
3 OA 0/R 10 a.m.
9-10 CB Hillbilly Shoot er -
Sat: 14 Field/14 Hunter Cards in by 5 pm
Sun: 14 Field/14 Hunter cards in by 4 pm
9 a.m. to noon
10 TPA 28 Field Annual Chesapeake Classic 10am
  TEAM USA JOAD National Target Championships TBA
16 MOB International Round 10 a.m.
17 AAA Dog Days of Summer & Club Championship:
12 Field/12 Hunter - New NFAA format *No concessions*
20-24 NFAA NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals Mechanicsburg, PA
24 HB 28 Field 10am
24 MA Memorial Shoot 14F/14H 9am
31 TBD (To Be Determined) MAA State 3D Championship -
Marked and Unmarkeder - cards in by 4 p.m.
Can shoot both - must shoot Unmarked 1st
8-10 a.m.

August 2022

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
7 TA Annual Tuscarora Corn Shoot & Club Championship
Sun: 14 Field/14 Hunter - cards in by 5 p.m. - cr
8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
7 OA O/R 10 a.m.
13-14 SMA World Archery Field Shoot (unmarked on 13th; marked on 14th) 10 a.m.
14 HB 28 Hunter 10am
21 MA 28 Animal 10am
27-28 TA MAA State Field Championship
Advanced Registration Required; must be received by August 23
Sat - 28 Field - check in ends at 9:00 a.m.
Sun - 28 Hunter - check in ends at 9:00 a.m.
Traditional NFAA Target Format