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Welcome to the Maryland Archery Association!

Welcome to, the official website of the Maryland Archery Association (MAA). We invite you to learn more about MAA and especially welcome you to visit or participate in any of our upcoming events. Our new site is evolving to better serve you!

MAA is the state affiliate of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA – Several of our local clubs are members of USA Archery (USAA - and MAA supports their activities and JOAD programs.

The MAA provides the basic organization for Maryland archery clubs whereas clubs come together through their Directors to set the rules and guidelines for State competitions and an organized statewide schedule of shoots. Currently with 13 clubs involved, there is an archery event, virtually every weekend to include Field, 3D, FITA, Indoor. Maryland has it all!


Happy New Year 2024!

Please review the Calendar of Events to find the next local archery event near you!

May 2024

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
4 (Saturday) HB 28 Hunter 10 a.m.
5 TPA` 28 Field 10 a.m.
11 SMA

Coal Train Shoot - er
Check-in from 9am to 11am, cards in by 4 p.m.

Field, hunter and 3D targets will be available to shoot (Saturday only)

18 (Saturday) MOB

28 Field

10 a.m.
19 AAA John Redmond Memorial Shoot - 24 Target International Round
*No concessions*
10 a.m.
26 OA O/R(720round)WA 10 a.m.

June 2024

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
1 (Saturday) EFA Gold Cup Spectacular Anniversary Shoot CR
Sat. 14 Field/14 Hunter
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
2 AAA Toxophilitic Anniversary Shoot 14 Field/14 Hunter
*No Consessions*
9 OA O/R (720 round) 10 a.m.
9 HB 28 Hunter 10 a.m.
15 (Saturday)
VNB World Archery Field marked distances 10 a.m.
(30th Rain Date)

MD Senior Olympics - WA
All archers competing @ Oriole Archers must be USArchery members. 900 Round, 60, 50 & 40 yards

Important pre-tournament information on the online registration form

10 a.m.
25 MA 14Field/14Hunter 10 a.m.
30 TA Firecracker 560 14 Field/14 Hunter - er 10 a.m.