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The Maryland Archery Association (MAA) is an organization comprised of many great archery organizations throughout Maryland.

This page contains a listing of those organizations

The MAA provides the basic organization for Maryland archery clubs whereas clubs come together through their Directors to set the rules and guidelines for State competitions and an organized statewide schedule of shoots. Currently with 15 clubs involved, there is an archery event, virtually every weekend to include Field, 3D, FITA, Indoor. Maryland has it all!


December 2019

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
1 MA Indoor 300 round 10am
1 SMA Indoor 300 round 10am
8 TPA Indoor 600 round 10am
15 TA Indoor 300 round 10am
15 MA Indoor 300 round & Holiday Party 10am

January 2020 - Tenative Dates

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
3-5 VNB STAR FITA 10am
5 TPA FITA 600 round 10am
5 MA Indoor 300 round 10am
12 TA Indoor 300/600 round 10am
18-19 CB Annual Gambler Classic 1sa
Sat 600 round Vegas Face
Sun 600 round Vegas Face
Sat: 6pm
Sun: 1pm
19 SMA Indoor 300 round 10am
20 CB Annual Gambler's Classic - Vegas face 1pm
24-26 LAS Lancaster Archery Classic TBA
26 MA Indoor 300 Round 10am