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Archery Events 2021

The Maryland Archery Association (MAA) is an organization comprised of many great archery clubs located throughout Maryland.

These archery clubs are gracious enough to host and provide several Archery events and tournaments throughout the year and throughout Maryland.

MAA is pleased to provide a listing of all upcoming events for 2021. Please review each month, and MAA hopes that we can see you at several of our tournaments and events!

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June 2021

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
5 EFA Gold Cup Spectacular Anniversary Shoot
Sat. 14 Field/14 Hunter
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
6 AAA Toxophilitic Anniversary Shoot - 14 F/14 H
*No concessions* (TBD)
12-13 OA

USA Archery State Outdoor Target Championship

Registration handled through USA Archery

13 HB 28 Hunter 10am
19 VNB 28 Metric Field 10am
Check NFAA website NFAA Mid Atlantic Outdoor Sectionals TBA

July 2021

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
4 TA Firecracker S60 14 Field/14 Hunter - er 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.
10-11 CB Hillbilly Shoot er -
Sat: 14 Field/14 Hunter Cards in by 5 pm
Sun: 14 Field/14 Hunter cards in by 4 pm
8 a.m. to noon
11 TPA 28 Field Annual Chesapeake Classic 10am
7-11 TEAM USA JOAD National Target Championships TBA
17 MOB International Round 10 a.m.
18 AAA Dog Days of Summer & Club Championship:
12 Field/12 Hunter - New NFAA format *No concessions*
Check NFAA website NFAA NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals TBA
25 OA

USA Archery 720 Round

Archers must pre-register at least 7 days before the shoot to allow for target preparation. You may email Ted Light ( or Amanda Urban (

25 HB 28 Field 10am
25 MA Memorial Shoot 14F/14H 10am
31 MID Hunter 10 a.m.