Maryland Archery Association will support the shoots as long as they comply with Governor Hogan's regulations, including: not gathering archers in large groups; limiting smaller groups of archers to 10 or less; keeping social distancing; wearing masks when indoors or when close to each other outside; and using common sense to prevent exposing other archers or exposing themselves to Covid virus.

Shooting groups should be assigned to targets around the course to maximize distances among target assignments. It is preferred that 3 or fewer shooters be assigned to each target. Scoring rule requirements are less important than everyone’s health. Each club is responsible to enforce these rules. The health of all of us is at stake.

Archery Targets in field

MAA Memberships

The Maryland Archery Association (MAA) is an organization comprised of many great individuals who help make not only MAA great, but their respective clubs as well. Each member helps make each tournament and archery event fun for all ages.

MAA membership provides you the opportunity to take part of the many tournaments and events held throughout the year. MAA membership must be renewed annually, unless you are a lifetime member.

MAA invites you to download the MAA Membership Application for full details to include pricing. Please note, a MAA Membership Application is for an individual person only (one person per application).


August 2020

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
2 TPA MAA State 3D Championship - Marked and Unmarked
Casual registration - cards in by 4pm
Can shoot both - must shoot Unmarked 1st
9 TA Annual Tuscarora Corn Shoot & Club Championship
Sun: 14 Field/ 14 Hunter - cards in by 5 p.m.
12-15 USAA USA Archery National Target TBA Championship - Richmond, VA TBA
16 HB 28 Field 10am
23 MA 28 Animal 10am
23 OA STAR World Archery Round OR - 720 Round 10am
29-30 TA MAA State Field Championship
Advanced Registration Required;
must be received by August 24
Sat - 28 Field - check in ends at 9:00 a.m.
Sun - 28 Hunter - check in ends at 9:00 a.m.
Traditional Target Format

September 2020

Date Sponsor Tournament / Event Time
7 VNB MAA State Metric Field Championship - MONDAY
Target distance in meters
Advance Registration Required
must be received by September 1
11   Deadline for Clubs to bid on Shoots for 2021  
13 HB 28 Hunter 10am
20 AAA MAA State Animal Championship 10am
20 AAA MAA State Scheduling Meeting 1:30pm
27 OA MAA State Metric Outdoor Target Championship.
Members of MAA, USA Archery, or any local club are eligible. Pre-registration by Sept. 18 is required. No registration the day of the shoot.
**There are no amenities. Bring whatever is needed for drinks, food, seating, etc.**